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Color your Canvas

About Me

Welcome to Color your Canvas, my dreams turned into reality.

Prior to the pandemic, I had felt like I was living in survival mode; I had worked multiple jobs and was left with very little energy to explore the things that made me genuinely happy. Though I had a lot to be thankful for, something still felt missing. That’s when I found art again- a place where I could be messy, bold, loud, free-flowing, weird, and most of all, myself. My art has become so special to me, when everything was stripped away during the lockdown, this is what came through, and my path was forever changed. 

Years ago, back in college, my curiosity for art began. I experimented with different art modalities such as free hand drawing and black and white photography. I loved the freedom the classes gave me to explore my artistic style. Through this experience my perspective shifted and I started to notice that everything was art. Art was cooking a meal and enjoying every flavor, how I styled my outfits, and even how I decorated my home. I realized art wasn't just sitting down to draw, it was freedom of expression in all the ways. 

In 2012, when I first started Color your Canvas, my intention was to sell t-shirts and hand-made jewelry. It later evolved into a yoga and events business, then an online bath and tea shop. Following a big move out of California, along with changing career paths, it took me some time to find myself again. Ten years after starting, things have fallen into place to finally match the name with the business: Color your Canvas.

In 2020; I was finally ready to create art again. It was at this time, more than ever before, that I needed a safe haven. Even when I didn't feel joy, oftentimes, joy is what would come through once I put paint onto canvas. When I sat down to create; bright colors and quirky concepts started coming through effortlessly. One morning, several years back, I said out loud that I wanted to offer my art to the world. Later that day, my neighbor knocked on my door and saw I was painting.  He offered to purchase the painting I was working on right there on the spot. That was how fast I received confirmation that this was the right move. Still timid, I later went on to periodically offer my work to the public, and eventually put my art into a local gallery. Though the growing pains were tough, the freedom to work for myself and do what I love was worth all the sacrifice and discomfort. 

These last two years, working odd jobs and building towards this business has been a labor of love. I have been lucky enough to have an art studio in my home; that space really allowed me to go for it and step into my role as an artist. Since starting, my joy for art has even grown beyond painting. When I’m not painting you can find me building installations, sketching up clothing designs, creating digital art, or curating visual art experiences for others to enjoy. 

Most of my art could be described as “abstract”. Currently in my collections I have different sized acrylic and watercolor paintings, as well as prints for the purpose of offering a more accessible price point. Check back soon for more as I will be updating my site often with new pieces of work. 

From the bright colors, to the abstract concepts, sharing this work continues to push me past my comfort zone. I hope my work inspires you to make bold moves to live a life you truly enJOY.


A special thank you to my fiance, Cal, for all the support. Between editing my website, helping me make creative decisions, and being my biggest fan, he has believed in me and my vision since day one. I am also so grateful for my family’s support. Without them I wouldn't be where I am today. Truly, thank you guys. To all my friends near and far, old and new, your support through the years has meant a lot.

Founder of Color your Canvas