Your Girl Loves to Eat

I romance myself, and of course my partner, daily. This especially goes with cooking. As much as I LOVE painting, my art doesn't stop there. I like things to not only taste good and look pretty, but I want to enjoy the process of creating it, of being in the flow.

Whether it's cooking, setting up my workspace, getting ready for a bath, or even just lounging around; I always create an ambiance.

Back to cooking-

Your Girl Loves to Eat and no Doctor's diet restrictions are going to take that away from me. I am a foodie for sure, so when I was told I had to stop eating burritos, pizza, BREAD, I was heart-broken. But I now realize that this was a blessing to get me to use my creativity in the kitchen and to eat healthier. It also saves money too. Wooo!

(Rare occasion of me enjoying my favorite pizza from Red House Pizza in San Diego,Ca: "The Aloha" ordered GF with Vegan cheese)

On my Instagram I posted a few photos of the meals I created. No recipes given at the time. The point was to inspire you to create without so many damn rules. I don't usually use recipes (except when baking!) I don't measure and I don't know how long something needs to cook for (I just give attention + "trial and error"). However, not everyone is able to jump right into that. I understand that trusting your intuition takes practice.

Below is the way I cooked these meals. If you want, give them a shot. Lemme know how it goes!

Side Note

All my cooking is Gluten-Free and I aim for minimally processed meals

AKA: lots of homemade thangs.

For those who have a dietary restriction, do some research and play around to find a substitute!! Depriving yourself sucks, find something that will take the place of that thing you miss so much! I am here to offer suggestions :-)

This made me laugh out loud^^

Happy Creating <3

Strawberry Fields Salad






*Candied Walnuts + Flax seeds

*Olive Oil

To make Candied Walnuts:

Top them with coconut oil + Cinnamon and Honey.

Bake at 350 till they turn golden, let them cool down. Add to top of salad.

^^ Candied Walnuts was a yummy food hack inspired by Gina Worful, MS,RD. Check out

My current eating regimen doesn't allow for these items but they are delicious to add if you want:

*Balsamic Vinegar

*Pepper Jack Cheese OR Pepper Jack Almond Cheese

Almond Bread

*1 ¼ cups Almond flour

OR substitute

* ¼ cup + 1 Tablespoon of coconut flour

*5 tablespoons flax meal

Or substitute

*Psyllium husk powder

*2 Teaspoons baking powder

*1 Teaspoon salt

*2 Teaspoons apple cider vinegar

*1 cup boiled water

*3 egg whites

(I like to do one yolk and two whites to get a little bit of the yolk benefits and taste. If you don't eat eggs you can use egg substitutes instead)

*Add dry ingredients, then add liquids, mix up, Pour into greased pan and bake.

*Bake at 350 degrees for 55-65 minutes. (Different from what I posted on my insta story, I accidentally wrote 325, it's 350)

-Recently, I tried 400 degrees for 30 mins and it seemed to work but cooking at altitude is different cooking times.

*Sometimes I get creative and try adding fruit to it but this is more of a dry bread so if you do add fruit, also add something sweet to it add moisture. You could play around with adding Vanilla and Cinnamon, too. Turn it into more of a muffin style bread.

Birch Benders (Pan)Cake + Fruit Compote

Inspired by my favorite twin boys, Kc and Ky. They introduced me to the concept of making pancakes into a cake!

***Remember, I do not measure, so do your best to be your own guide! TRUST it.

Normally, to make pancakes the bag calls to just add water, then cook on the stove top. BUT we are mixing it up a bit:

*Pre-heat oven to 350

*A few pours of Birch Benders mixture (If I had to guess I would say like 2-3 cups. but maybe you want a thicker cake? If so add more and use a bread pan (rectangle) vs the cake pan (Circle)

*Almond Milk (instead of water) don't make it toooo watery. Enough to let it mix fully.

(About a cup)

*1 egg (To add protein, If desired)

*Few shakes of Cinnamon (If desired)

*Banana (If desired )

*Pour batter into an oiled up cake pan

*Bake at 350 for 20 minutes. Check if the inside is still mushy, if so, keep baking and checking

*Top it off the cake with Cinnamon + Strawberry + Banana

Fruit Compote

Try different combos for yourself

I have used:

Blend together

*Pineapple + Nectarines + Honey


*Strawberry + Banana + Honey

Combos I want to try:

*Mango + Pineapple

*Passion fuit + Pineapple ( I LOVE sour tastes)

*Apple + cinnamon+ Honey *Vanilla+ Banana+ Cinnamon

I would for sure bring this to a party ;-)

I have a TON more ideas for meals and snacks but this has taken me all day and it's time to get in the kitchen and cook dinner. Thanks for taking the time to read about the things that excite me!

Much love,


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