Sticks and Stones

You are ugly, you are too skinny, you are a b**ch, you have gained weight, you look tired, you look like someone punched you in the face, you look like you should model for dog food, you look like a boy, you are flat chested, you talk too much, you lack spatial intelligence, you are not compassionate, you are not loving, you don’t have ambition, you are too sensitive, you are crazy, you are too much.

Phewwww does that feel good to get that shit out of my head and

down on paper. Some of these things were said to me as early as kindergarten and some as recent as two months ago and I am sure there will be other opinions brought to my attention in the future but that’s not my concern. My concern is MY belief system because for so long those words have lingered in my head. If someone said it it must be true, right? No. So WRONG... can you imagine going an entire life time where every persons opinion you took to heart? You would be a mess, there is NO way to please everyone nor should you try to. I am as self conscious as they come at times but I work Every. Single. Day. Uncovering my truth so that when other people talk their crap it won’t shake me. I am beginning to really know the truth- my truth. Do you know the truth about yourself? Be honest. And if you dont genuinely know what or who to believe, then right there is where to start. Be honest about how you see yourself even if it’s not pleasant at first, you gotta do it. You gotta see your stuff in order to clean it up.

When this photo was taken, a year or so ago, I didn’t like it. Things have changed, now I LOVE it. I laugh with my entire being and mouth wide open is part of the beauty, with chewing gum and all 😜

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